Telecommuting: Balancing Diet & Exercise

Everyone knows it, good diet and some form of exercise are imperative to staying healthy, but who has time for that? Everyday our lives are so rushed, getting out the door to get to work on time, driving through a fast food joint for a quick breakfast, you forgot to pack your lunch so you eat out and spend more money. Sound familiar? We all go through this. What about those who telecommute, is it easier to stay balanced?

Each year the workforce telecommutes more and more. This has a large effect on our day-to-day routines, some positive some negative. It could help with urge to eat out at the office with co-workers if you are already home with leftovers in the fridge. With spending more time at home, it is easy to just stay home all day, you finish work, have a meal and watch Netflix the rest of the evening. With having a job in a different location, it forces you to move more and get at least some exercise. Some people have a home gym/work-out space, but many do not. Today we wanted to share some tips to help with our overall health working from home, including diet, exercise, posture and a support system:

  1. Get a Good Chair: Good posture is important, you don’t want to strain your back or neck hunched over your computer screen. You want a chair that’s comfortable and provides good support, but not too comfortable, you don’t need to be dozing off. I once had a workmate who would sit on an exercise ball at her desk each day. Since the ball was unstable, it required her to use her trunk muscles and as a result increased core strength, improved posture and decreased discomfort. Others who do this claim increased calorie burn. Other options include getting a standing desk or a treadmill desk, but these options are pricier.
  2. Set a Schedule: It’s important to have an established stop time at the end of the day and break times through-out the day. It can be very easy to keep working longer than you need to, just because you are available. It’s beneficial to have a routine you follow each day.
  3. Get Up and Move: Every so often, it’s good to get up and stretch your body between periods of sitting. Stretching, or standing up and pacing around from time to time can be beneficial. If you need to, set a timer to help you remember. Being sedentary for long periods may decrease your metabolism. Making it a priority to get up and move once an hour will help your health and your weight-management efforts, and it’ll even give you a mental and emotional boost to help you get more done.
  4. Stock Up on Healthy Snacks and Drinks: You might be tempted to eat whatever unhealthy foods you have in your kitchen when you’re working from home, but resist the temptation. Pack yourself a bag full of healthy snacks as if you’re headed into the office, and keep a water bottle handy to sip from throughout the day.
  5. Plan a Workout: One perk working from home is your schedule may be more flexible depending on your profession. I personally typically take an extended lunch to eat and go to the gym for about 45 minutes. With the gym being right down the street it typically takes about an hour. Some like to get up real early to exercise and it can have you feeling pumped and energetic all day, some also prefer to do it at the end of the day, it could feel nice to stretch out and exercise after sitting all day.
  6. Control Your Environment: One of the hardest things for me personally working at an office was the temptation of unhealthy foods. Co-workers were always bringing in donuts and having potlucks. The temperature was never to my preference either, I was usually freezing or sweating because others were hot or cold. At home, you’re in charge, you don’t have to be at the mercy of your employer. Open your windows for invigorating fresh air, set the thermostat to whatever is comfortable and turn on as many lights as you need to see without squinting or dealing with glare.
  7. Give Your Eyes a Rest: It’s not healthy for your eyes to be glued to a computer screen all day. Not to mention the time we spend looking at our phones and/or tablets. Make time during every hour spent on your computer to close your eyes for a few minutes or look at something else to make sure you’re not straining them.
  8. Create a Support System: Do you have friends that also work from home? Or do you perhaps have friends interested in exercise/diet that have done their own research? Without regular interaction with coworkers, it can get a little lonely working from home. Find a friend or other telecommuter who is interested in being healthy, and make a pact to keep each other on track. Whether it’s calling them when you feel like eating out of stress, or reaching out when you need someone to virtually high-five when you worked out, the buddy system works!
  9. Change Out of Your Pajamas: Another perk working from home is you don’t have to adhere to a dress code. That doesn’t mean you should just roll out of bed and get on your computer. It isn’t a good recipe for productivity. Shower before you start working and put on something other than pajamas to get out of the lazy mindset. Workout clothes are a great option! Since you can wear what you want, why not wear clothes that make you feel like moving more?
  10. Get Outside: Being outside is great for the mind, body and soul! Not only does sunshine give you vitamin D, but being out in nature can be a stress reliever.

We at Simplemente Trading are by no means health experts, we are merely sharing tips we have implemented ourselves or have heard from others. Please consult a health specialist or your personal doctor for a personalized daily routine and/or suggestions based on your personal circumstances.

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