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Simplemente Renko SwingTrader Series


The objective of this series, is to create swing positions as the market direction changes. Designed to be in the market from the beginning of the Asian session till the end of the American sessions each day Sunday through Friday.
1. The indicator is utilizing OSO/OCO object orders.
2. The entries are designed with a complex combination or proprietary indicators utilizing ion a broad sense is using a combination momentum, volatility average ranges and volume.
3. In the upper left-hand corner of the chart, the status of the indicator will be noted. Since this is an indicator, not a strategy, you will status the indicator on and off from the ‘Format Analysis Techniques’ tab. This will not be necessary to turn the indicator on and off, as we have added a button to the charts pop up window to be able to turn the indicator on and off.
4. Below is the ‘Operation Center Grid’ for the indicator and an explanation of its functions.



a. State – Displays the current SIM trade and your LIVE position.

b. Use the ‘Flatten and Disable’ to turn off the indicator (Take early Profits, End trading for a time), then press the same button (Will display ‘ENABLE’) to reactivate the indicator. Use the check box, to flatten any position should the indicator become disabled

c. Under the version number of the indicator, we have also for your convenience displayed the expiration of the current contract.

d. Tabs – Below are a description of each tab and its purpose in the indicator



Displays all current trades in the indicators back testing as of the charts start date





This ‘Sync’ button allows you to enter a position to match the indicator should your indicator be RESTARTED and not currently in a trade, when the indicator is showing an open position. You do not have to use this to reactivate the indicator. Should you chose NOT to Sync a position, the indicator will look for the next entry and enter on its own.



This tab will display all back-testing results by month, weekly and daily as well as ‘TOD’ – Time of day trades have been entered and ‘DOW’ – the Day of the week. This information may be helpful to you in determining when you want to trade the indicator.

General TradingAPP Information and Settings

More than ever before, we have added options that you can use to improve your control over the trading algorithm. Below, the inputs are listed with their defaults.


Name Preset Value
iAccountID “” Set account number in this field if you have more than one account only.
iCommFeePerContractSide 2.25 Set to the average cost, this allows the indicators back-testing to factor in the commissions when displaying results.
iAllowLong 1 1 signifies LONG trades are allowed – 0 means no LONG trades will occur.
iAllowSHORT 1 1 signifies LONG trades are allowed – 0 means no LONG trades will occur.


*** Make sure to change the symbol on the Indicator Chart to the current contract ***




Please feel free to contact up at any time at should you have any issues, but first see if any of our trouble shooting FAQs below can solve your issue first.

1. When using the ‘Flatten and disable’ button to close a position, the live trading will be disabled as illustrated below.



To re-enable the indicator, click the ‘Enable Trading’. The status will then change from ‘DISABLED’ to ‘TRADING’. Should the indicator NOT enter the next trade, then you will need to ‘STATUS’ off and on the indicator as shown below.


2. My chart is very slow to load data. Since this indicator is loading historical data that is displaying historic trades, several minutes maybe required at time for the chart to load depending on you operating system. Should the system lock up or fail to load, shut down TradeStation and delete the cache and TCACHE files in the TradeStation/program files. This will clear out old cache that can cause issues with the platform.
3. Can I add contracts or manually trade with the indicator? – The current version of this indicator only trades one contract. You cannot add any contract to the indicator and you cannot trade manually with it. There is a built in safety feature that will cause an error and disable to indicator should you add any manual trading to the matrix.
4. Can I change the start date on my chart? The chart you receive from us has 1-months’ worth of data. To see more data, you may change this and display up to 6 months data should you wish to see the back-testing results. However, make sure to put the chart back to 1-month before live trading continues.



About the Developer and Simplemente Trading Corp

The developers for this and other systems, based the algorithms on their own personal trading habits. Sandra Bellizzi runs a trading room forum in Spanish, 5 days a week primarily using these Strategies as well as other indicators we have developed.

After many years of trading discretionary trading, we have concluded that to see long term success, automated systems are needed. High frequency trading in today’s markets are the primary means which the markets are traded. Trading with our systems allows you (and us) to compete for a part of the momentum in an effective and methodical way.

We do not hire outside programmers. Rather, we have our own in-house programmers which allows us to better stay on top of needed changes, updates and enhancements. We are also continually working on developing new products.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, the best way to reach us is by Email at All inquiries and questions will be answered and addressed within 24 hours.




All information contained on this page is a solely informative and educational. Futures trading involves the risk of losing all the capital if necessary protective measures are not taken, and is not recommended for any type of investor. Each investor should be aware and knowledgeable of trading and brokerage fees that are applied by authorized entities, brokers, etc. and consider such expenses in their daily or intra-operative. Simplemente Trading not responsible for the economic results obtained by the / the student / a or user / in the individual application and use of educational content presented and learned by him / a, whether they be positive or negative. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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