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Simplemente Nasdaq M.E.T.S. Swing Trader


The M.E.T.S series (Multiple Exit Trading Strategies) is a swing trading series that utilizes multiple exits designed to take advantage of different market movements. One of the highlights of this Automated system, is the user’s ability to adjust the Percent target floor and the percentage of profits to lock in as well as a dollar trailing stop.

These inputs, allow our more experienced traders to utilize the strategies entries, and at the same time use your own personal experience to possibly improve your own personal results. Make any adjustments is purely optionable, as they are set to the optimal settings required for this application.

Name Default Value Description
iTradeQty 1 Sets the number of contracts to trade
Amount $450 Dollar Trailing amount
FloorAmt $160 $$ Amount needed to reach before % is locked in.
TrailingPct 65% Default percent of profits locked
Price (Not used for user inputs – Do not change)

** Please remember, none of the inputs REQUIRE adjustment. This is available for our experienced traders interested in creating a more interactive experience with the goal of improving individual results **

General TradingAPP Information and Settings

  1. The Strategy trades 24 hours a day during the week.
  2. On Fridays 10 minutes before the end of the session, all orders will close.
  3. The Strategy will start to trade on Sunday at the start of the Asian session.


To Automate the Strategy.

  1. Right click on the chart
  2. Click on “Format Strategies”
  3. As shown in the box below, check both boxes to set the automation.
  4. The “Account with Automation” needs to be set to off if you wish for the strategy to trade completely automated. Should you wish to confirm all orders first, set this to “On”.

To change the Inputs



In the box above, the arrow shows where you may change the iTradyQty (Amount of contracts to trade), Amount (Dollar Trailing), FloorAmt (Dollar amount that needs to be reached before the locked in percent of profit kicks in) and the TrailingPct (Percent of profits locked in).


*** Make sure to change the symbol on the Indicator Chart to the current contract ***


About the Developers and Simplemente Trading Corp


The developers for this and other systems, based the algorithms on their own personal trading habits. Sandra Bellizzi runs a trading room forum in Spanish, 5 days a week primarily using these Strategies as well as other indicators we have developed.
After many years of trading discretionary trading, we have concluded that to see long term success, automated systems are needed. High frequency trading in today’s markets are the primary means which the markets are traded. Trading with our systems allows you (and us) to compete for a part of the momentum in an effective and methodical way.
We do not hire outside programmers. Rather, we have our own in-house programmers which allows us to better stay on top of needed changes, updates and enhancements. We are also continually working on developing new products.
Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, the best way to reach us is by Email at All inquiries and questions will be answered and addressed within 24 hours.



All information contained on this page is a solely informative and educational. Futures trading involves the risk of losing all the capital if necessary protective measures are not taken, and is not recommended for any type of investor. Each investor should be aware and knowledgeable of trading and brokerage fees that are applied by authorized entities, brokers, etc. and consider such expenses in their daily or intra-operative. Simplemente Trading not responsible for the economic results obtained by the / the student / a or user / in the individual application and use of educational content presented and learned by him / a, whether they be positive or negative. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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