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The objective of this automated system, is to trade gold 24 hrs. a day, looking to capture trends throughout the month.   Swing Trading on a 60-minute chart, trades will at times will last a day or more. This strategy is designed to trade 5-10 times per month. Although we back-test 90 days, the attached results are for 30 days.



The Simplemente Trading’s’ Gold Rush looks for breakouts above resistance, and below support, then uses a Parabolic designed exit. We do not set a profit target, rather allow the Parabolic Exit to serve as both the stop, as well as the close out when the maximum profit has been reached. The settings predetermined within the code, are based on historical data and optimization that indicates the best settings for our exit strategy.


STOPS & TARGETS – We do not use a predetermined stop loss or profit target. The stops are based on a Parabolic Exit, The Parabolic value is calculated to cross over and under the price, moving closer to the price on every bar. When the parabolic value crosses under current prices it is bullish, when it crosses above the current prices it is bearish. Both the bullish and bearish pricing is separately calculated in this strategy for both long and short positions. Our Gold Rush strategy is re-optimized monthly, to make sure we are capturing the current momentum of the Gold future. The Parabolic Exit will serve as both a stop when necessary as well as profit levels. We have however added a breakeven and separate profit targets for long and short. They are adjustable and can be set according to your risk tolerance and trading goals. You can simply status them on and off and change the default amounts. Defaults have been optimized as of the date of this update 8.28.17

At the image below the user can set the profit target, that is 0 (zero), for example, a user may say, if the market moves certain amount of dollars in the direction of the trade I want to take profits. Is a dollar amount. The breakeven stop is set at 450 dollars per contract traded, but each user can establish something different, or even let the strategy the way it is now.



BACKTESTING –  The markets are always moving! With all Futures, economic news, political changes and elections, interest rates and many other conditions affect the markets in different ways and different times. We do not believe you can build a strategy and assume the condition for the current settings should remain the same. All our systems are optimized on a regular basis (Weekly/Biweekly) and adjustments to various settings in our proprietary code are adjusted and updated to reflect the current market conditions. The attached results are based on the last 90 days. You will receive notifications from us when a new version has been uploaded to the App store.


About the Developers and Simplemente Trading Corp

The developers for this and other systems, based the algorithms on their own personal trading habits. Sandra Bellizzi runs a trading room forum in Spanish, 5 days a week primarily using these Strategies as well as other indicators we have developed.

After many years of trading discretionary trading, we have concluded that to see long term success, automated systems are needed. High frequency trading in today’s markets are the primary means which the markets are traded. Trading with our systems allows you (and us) to compete for a part of the momentum in an effective and methodical way.

We do not hire outside programmers. Rather, we have our own in-house programmers which allows us to better stay on top of needed changes, updates and enhancements. We are also continually working on developing new products.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, the best way to reach us is by Email at All inquiries and questions will be answered and addressed within 24 hours.


All information contained on this page is a solely informative and educational. Futures trading involves the risk of losing all the capital if necessary protective measures are not taken, and is not recommended for any type of investor. Each investor should be aware and knowledgeable of trading and brokerage fees that are applied by authorized entities, brokers, etc. and consider such expenses in their daily or intra-operative. Simplemente Trading not responsible for the economic results obtained by the / the student / a or user / in the individual application and use of educational content presented and learned by him / a, whether they be positive or negative. Past performance does not guarantee future returns.

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